How can Body Work reduce stress and anxiety?

Many organisations understand the benefits that employee wellness programmes such as Mindfulness and yoga bring. They are excellent ways to deal with the symptoms of emotional and mental health issues but they do not always get to the root cause. Developments in mind/body connection research have been growing rapidly over recent years. It is widely acknowledged that the body can hold emotions in the tissues. Physical treatments that release emotion from the connective tissue are growing in popularity world wide.

How do you incorporate body work into your group sessions?

We conducted a trial with a leadership team wherein we carried out body treatments prior to a crucial decision making meeting. The feedback was encouraging with most people reporting a feeling of lightness and a clear mind allowing them to leave behind the ‘to do list’ to focus on the matter at hand.

For that reason we decided to partner with The Reform Clinic who offer the following treatments:

  • Skeletal Realignment – a whole body treatment proven to relieve chronic pain
  • Myofascial Release – a treatment targeted to specific areas of the body, working to release the impacts of stress held in the tissues such as tight shoulders and headaches
  • NLP sessions, focused on reduction of negative emotions attached to personal events

Incorporating this service in a corporate environment is in its infancy for us but we are hopeful that forward thinking organisations will appreciate how much it can impact productivity and the individual health of their people.

To understand more about the mind/body connection we refer to pioneers in the field such as Candice Pert, Peter Levine , Bessel van der Kolk, Dr Gabo Maté and Stephen Porges.

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