What does Whole Body Thinking actually mean?

I work with the client to assess their needs but the most typical session consists of a skeletal realignment treatment that brings the body into balance and often creates a relaxed state to lead into the coaching session.

Chair yoga before group workshops can also set the scene for a more open session. Available on a 1-2-1 and group basis, The Whole Body Thinking package is a game changer in the corporate arena and offers coaching alongside a choice of body treatments that I am fully qualified in such as:

Skeletal Realignment using Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) to bring the body back into balance so that it can function properly without resistance.  Carried out fully clothed, KCR can provide pain relief for many physical issues and restoration and calm to give space to think

Connective Tissue Release (CTR) Many scientific researchers have discovered that the body remembers what the mind has forgotten.  Working with the Connective Tissue (Fascia) this treatment aids gentle release of stress, anxiety or trauma from the body without the need to share your story

Yoga – Some clients find benefit from a short yoga session before an intensive leadership workshop. Ranging from simple chair yoga to more challenging classes, yoga has many benefits for staff and in turn the organisation

Indian Head Massage – This can be carried out on an office chair and has multiple benefits including improved sleep

For more info on KCR / CTR please refer to my clinic website via the button.


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