We are passionate about basic professional behaviours that are often overlooked. Those of us with experience in many different companies have witnessed inefficiency and employee frustration at the lack of attention and respect given to day-to-day tasks such as meeting behaviours and feedback sessions.

Making simple behavioural changes can have a big impact on your people and clients:

  • Engendering a sense of pride and belonging amongst your people
  • Witnessing consistent behaviours no matter who your client deals with in your organisation can help build trust quickly
  • Create an expectation of how people should conduct themselves professionally

For Change Programmes we have success in taking a diagonal cut through the layers of the organisation to deliver training to a cross section of employees. These people act as change champions who permeate the new way of working throughout the organisation.

Our courses are highly interactive with minimal to no use of PowerPoint presentations. We are happy to tailor courses to make them more relevant for your organisation.

Our most popular courses are:

  • Design, plan and deliver productive Workshops
  • Present with confidence
  • How to hold effective meetings
  • How to give and receive useful feedback
  • How to manage change in a new paradigm
Nicola Rolland Group Training