How can your team benefit from Coaching?

We support our clients to create a collaborative environment in which the members of the team can work together with respect, trust and motivation.

In the current climate of pervasive change, topics such as ‘Purpose’ ‘Resilience’ and ‘The Great Resignation’ dominate the headlines. We can help re-frame the crisis into opportunities to reflect on and improve organisational and individual health.

These sessions and workshops are dynamic and enlightening; gently peeling away the layers to get to the crux of the problem. They are ideally suited for leaders who seek to integrate who they are with how they lead their team.

Alongside the impacts of the pandemic runs business as usual which requires the balance of long term thinking, reality and profit. Our industry experience enables us to keep our feet on the ground for the short term issues with an eye on long term sustainability.

Navigating and creating the emerging new world of work with our teams, clients and community is a purpose close to our heart.

How do you run these sessions?

Most of us have been part of a team that could work better together yet no one could really grab hold of the issue to address it. Using Systemic techniques we build a 3D map to explore the intangible dynamics hidden from view to illuminate and resolve issues.

Examples of what teams bring to the sessions:

  • The need for clarity on complex Issues
  • Team cohesion and alignment
  • Identifying and addressing limiting patterns
  • Balanced and informed decision making
  • Interventions for teams in conflict
  • Monthly leadership circles with six people from different teams in your organisation, working on one person’s issue per month using constellations
  • Integrate individual purpose with team and larger organisational purpose

We also provide workshops for Transformation Programmes that compliment Operating Model initiatives. These ensure integration as oppose to communication alone

  • Transformation Specific Workshops
  • Onboarding teams
  • Readiness and Resistance to Change
  • Employee Engagement
  • Issue and Root Cause Analysis
  • Strategy design

Most of these workshops can be hosted online.

Nicola Rolland Systemic Coaching