How can your team benefit from Group Coaching?

My clients request workshops to increase collaboration and trust within teams. This ranges from working with effective Leadership teams to strengthen decision making and working relationships to working with dysfunctional Leadership teams to find a way to improve working relations and increase focus on the organisational needs.

My team building workshops are often requested by clients undertaking short to mid term projects that require new teams to hit the ground running. Leaders call me in to work with established teams who are impacted by conflict that has an effect on staff welfare, organisational health and productivity.

I am an experienced facilitator who uses various techniques to allow all voices in the room to be heard and at the same time ensure a safe space for all participants. To ensure teams stay on track, I create a results driven design with clear objectives and outcomes.

Participants of conflict workshops often report that the workshops can lift the heavy feeling within the team even if they still have work to do to truly improve the situation.

How do you run these sessions?

Most of us have worked in a team that didn’t quite gel or could work better together yet no one could really identify what the issue was.

Using Systemic and Somatic techniques we explore the invisible dynamics hidden from view to make the issues tangible in order to improve the situation.

These workshops are dynamic and enlightening, gently peeling away the layers to get to the crux of the problem or goal and are ideally suited for leaders who seek to integrate who they are with how they lead their team.

If a team knows what they want from the day I can quickly work with them to understand the design. If there is a degree of conflict in the team, the most effective method is for me to conduct quick 1-2-1 interviews (that remain anonymous) with each member of the team to understand the individual experience.

I can then use that feedback to design the workshop and confirm objectives and goals with the client.