Client Testimonials

Juan José Perojo, Director, Mexico & New York

I was sceptical about the efficacy of the somatic work and constellations initially, but Nicola’s approach was very down to earth which encouraged me to try it out.

Mapping out the situation as-is with the tools allows me to assess the underlying dynamics of an issue as an onlooker. It is extraordinary to experience how quickly this method leads me to insights, and allows me to reach conclusions by taking the conversation out of my head looking at it with a fresh perspective.

Nicola is skilled at facilitating the sessions in a manner that allows me to be in control of the journey. Her unique combination of skills keeps the sessions dynamic, varied and useful. Her consulting experience allows her to relate to my issues and keep the sessions focused on what is of fundamental importance. Her coaching style cuts through the minutia, challenges status quo and encourages self reflection to target the problem at hand whilst uncovering the subtleties at play and ultimately unlock the potential of every individual.

Teri Vega – Supply Chain Manager, California

Nicola has a unique way of delving to the heart of the matter.  Her aptitude for asking the right questions, and being a patient guide, helped me understand why I was struggling in certain areas and how to change my way of tackling things. 

Nicola’s coaching has made me a better manager and helped me get closer to achieving a more balanced home life. She is also a joy to talk to, has a ton of creative ideas to make life better and her energy is contagious.

Kelly Taylor – Director, Yoga Studio and Spa, England

Somatic coaching with Nicola is really interesting, it is not like anything I have experienced before. I’m a great advocate of mind body medicine and to receive coaching that gets you in tune with your body and allows you to feel what the coaching brings up is a great experience. 

It not only brings about clarity and focus but I found I was deeply motivated to get going on my future goals whilst being grounded and centred and this was only one session. 

Nicola is fun, heart centred and motivated to get you on track fast. She is a real gem. I would highly recommend booking a session.

KCR (Bodywork) Testimonials

Alicia, Glasgow

I had my first ever session this morning for my shoulder and back. I can’t tell you the difference I feel already with my movement. Nicola was fantastic and talked me through everything.

Would highly recommend.

Thank You!

Frances, London

I have spent much of my time finding improvements for my chronic physical and emotional issues stemming from a turbulent childhood. I have tried numerous therapies, some effective, some not.

A friend told me about how KCR had worked for her, so I contacted Nicola who put me at ease straight away. She performed the most relaxing treatment which culminated in what I can only describe as a release of energy from my head.

No idea what it was but I felt calm and relaxed afterwards.

Thank you so much!