How can a coach help me?

Many of my clients are executives and leaders who report that they feel stuck, unmotivated or in need of support to identify and overcome barriers to growth.

Trained in leading edge coaching techniques that work with the mind, body and intuition, I explore at a pace and depth that is relevant for each client. An initial consultation allows me to identify which techniques to use initially and the sessions then dictate which of those we need to weave in. The sessions are tailored to your needs and budget.

Tapping into your innate knowledge using Somatic and Psychosynthesis tools, to enable a 360 degree view of your situation, the sessions will gently guide and challenge you to clarify your goals and identify what is keeping you from achieving them. I aim to give you awareness and responsibility to move forward and fulfil your potential.

Preferred Coaching Techniques

Somatic Techniques

Training at the Strozzi Institute in California cemented my view that Somatic techniques were the most effective way to get quicker results with clients who were looking to tap into their innate wisdom to deliver more conscious and embodied leadership.

Systemic Techniques

Building models (constellations) to create a 3D map of a particular issue that is blocking you. This powerful technique is effective to gain clarity on the dynamics of complex issues.

Psychosynthesis & Leadership Coaching Techniques

Psychosynthesis integrates wisdom from various psychological and philosophical traditions including Jungian psychology, Psychoanalysis, Buddhism and Yogic Traditions. Exploring how your mindsets can be preventing you from success and how that can manifest in your behaviour as a leader and how to overcome that.

After much exploration, I trained in these techniques as they allow deeper exploration without the need for you to divulge your ‘story’ although you are welcome to share if that feels comfortable and safe. It Is important to note that I am not a psychotherapist and should a client have more complex needs, I can recommend an experienced and trusted professional.