How can a coach help me?

Our team of Associates are seasoned professionals and highly trained coaches who call on previous industry experience to inform their sessions.

We weave in techniques that will bring you clarity and allow you to view an issue from various perspectives, taking into account the whole person and the system you work within.

If you are experiencing a feeling of being stuck, we can work with you to better understand how limiting beliefs and mindsets could be impacting you and your career.

Preferred Coaching Techniques

Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations allow you to create a 3D map of intangible issues that can be difficult to verbalise or explain. This powerful technique is effective at bringing clarity to complex problems; illuminating the hidden dynamics that exist within the organisation you work in.
Constellations are also effective in weighing up options in decision making.

Somatic Coaching

Training at the Strozzi Institute in California allowed us to introduce somatic techniques which are an effective way to support clients to tap into their innate wisdom to provide more conscious and embodied leadership.

Psychosynthesis & Leadership Coaching

Psychosynthesis integrates wisdom from various psychological and philosophical traditions including Jungian psychology, Psychoanalysis, Buddhism and Yogic Traditions. Exploring how your mindsets can be preventing you from success and how that can manifest in your behaviour as a leader and how to overcome that.

Combined with traditional coaching, these techniques allow deeper exploration without the need for you to divulge personal details although you are welcome to share if that feels comfortable and safe. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.