Working with the Body, Mind and Intuition to offer a unique coaching experience that incorporates leading edge techniques to bring clarity and transformation.

Our Coaching Services

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

Using best in class techniques from leaders in the Somatic, Psychosynthesis and Systemic field to tap into your innate knowledge and work with you to agree goals and understand what is keeping you from achieving them.

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Systemic/Group Coaching

Working with your team to explore the invisible dynamics that often prevent a team from achieving full productivity. Bringing the hidden, intangible issues to the forefront to clarify, illuminate and resolve problems leading to a high preforming team.

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We provide training for transformation and leadership programmes – training with a cross section of the organisation from senior leadership, middle management and workforce to embed the change.

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Whether you are looking for Executive Coaching, Training or Group Workshops, our innovative and unique combination of techniques can support your team to go deeper to make sustainable changes.

Organisational and personal health are the core of what we offer.